Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ruby's Gift

Today I worked at Ruby's Gift in NoDa.  Each artist works in the shop about once a month.  This is the first time I have had an oppurtunity to help out, since the last few months have been so busy.  The shop carries local artists in a variety of mediums.  The photo shows my display cabinet today, but I will rotate items and next month I will bring in something new.  Most of the colors in there now are very vibrant, but once I get back to work in the studio, I will bring in some Dragonfly and Twighlight pieces as well.

This will be my last post this year, so I will say Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks for your support

I saw this on another potter's blog today and it says all that I would like to.  I want to thank all those that have purchased handmade items from independent artists this year.  We appreciate it more that we can say.  My heart goes into all that I make and nothing makes me happier than when someone else likes something that I have made.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

NC Pottery Fair

A number of things going on this week.  Tomorrow night is the opening reception at Mint Hill Arts for the December Juried Competition.  I won't be able to attend because I will be in Raleigh for the NC Pottery  Fair. This is my last show of the year and I will be taking a break after its done.  In January I will start a wholesale order from a gallery on the coast as well as start experimenting with some new items.

All I did this week was one glaze load which had mostly small gift items and a number of speical orders.  This bowl was a piece that I made for fun and I liked how it turned out. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mint Hill Arts Juried Competition Entry

Today I am taking it easy and not throwing or glazing.  I took a photo of this pot, which will be my entry in the Mint Hill Arts Juried Competition.  Earlier this year I made a piece very similar for the June Competition and it stuck to the kiln.  I loved it so much that I tried again and was glad that it made it out of the kiln.  I need to think of a name for the piece.  Perhaps Elegant Lady (I thought that it sort of looks like a lady with a hat and large earrings.)  Tomorrow I will take this piece over there and on December 10th the awards will be presented at the monthly reception. If you love art of all kinds, this is a great exhibition to see. It runs thru December. To bad I have to miss the reception.  I will be in Raleigh at the North Carolina Pottery Fair.

Later today I will unload a glaze load.  Can't wait to see some of the pieces.  Most will be going with me to the Appalacian Potters Market on Saturday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dragonfly Vase

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving.  I spent my weekend in Greensboro at the Craftsmen Classic.  Sales were down a bit, which is always disappointing.  I took a photo of this vase that I took out of the kiln just before leaving for the show.  I thought it was great, but alas it did not find a new home.  Maybe this weekend in Marion at the Appalacian Potters Market.

I spent Thanksgiving setting up for the show and had a feast at Golden Corral for lunch, with my mom.  Today she left for home(Montana, Brrr) and I will miss having her here.  She came for 2 1/2 months to help me with my fall shows.

Today I glazed my Sunrise line.  I was low on this line since I took a number of pieces over to Ruby's Gift Shop in NoDa last week.  I will probably throw tomorrow for the last time this month. After this Saturday, I only have the Raleigh show, then I can have a break for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craftsmen Classic

Last weekend was the Seagrove Pottery Festival.  Here is a photo of about a third of the pots up for Auction.  Mine is number 61.  I wanted it to stand out from the rest and I think it did.  The festival was great.  Lots of pottery lovers during the weekend and had great weather.

The last three days I have been stocking up for this weekend. I will be at the Craftsmen Classic in Greensboro.  Follow the link for discount entry coupon. This is a great show to find gifts for friends and family.  Or even for yourself.

I would like to encourage everyone that has a piece of mine, to enter the photo contest.  So far no one has  entered and I really would love to see some photos of you enjoying your pots. 

Also, please "like" New Day Pottery on Facebook.  That way you can get updates on what I am doing & see photos of new work (I actually post more photos there)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Large Vases

These are the three large vases that I unloaded from the kiln this morning.  I was so happy that none of them stuck to the kiln shelf.  The one in the middle was of the most concern, if you follow my blog you already know that this glaze likes to run and ruin my favorite pieces. 

I packed up for the Seagrove Pottery Festival and will leave tomorrow afternoon to get set up.

Fall is in the air.  I am looking out my window and thinking that the leaves are so beautiful right now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glazed Double Rim Bowl

Today I made some more squished pitchers and brie bakers.  Two different galleries need some more pitchers and I am getting low on stock for my shows as well.  I glazed a load and there are 4 large vases that were glazed and I can't wait to see them.

This double rimmed bowl turned out well.  I will probably do some more like this.

I hope my clay arrives soon.  I only have enough for one more day of work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Seagrove Auction Piece

As promised, I am giving a sneak peak of the piece that will be auctioned off at the Seagrove Pottery festival.  The dragonfly slip trailing cannot be seen very well in this photo.  I noticed that most of the pieces last year were either vases or bowls, so I wanted to try to do something unique.  My booth is in the first tent, about 1/2 way down the right side.

Today I took a break and went with my mom to the Southern Christmas Show.  We had a great time, but I need to get back to work tomorrow.

By the way, my kiln is running again and I have already done a bisque and a glaze load in it. Yea.  Now I just hope the clay order comes soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Small Treasures

Tonight was the opening reception for the "Small Treasures" show at Mint Hill Arts.  I attended with my mom and we saw a bunch of great art. I was excited to see that I have already sold one piece.  If you are looking for affordable art for yourself or a gift for someone else, this is the place to shop. This show lasts until the end of the month. In August the gallery was moved next door and it is now an exceptional space. Next month is the Juried Competition and I am working on a piece to enter.

Today my thermocupler for my kiln expired. So, Mike from Carolina Clay was so kind as to bring me a new one on his way home from work.  I am hoping that my husband can install it tomorrow while I am at the Carolina Pottery Festival.  It is supossed to be a easy fix, so hopefully I'll be back to work glazing on Sunday morning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Blue Vase

I have finally finished packing up my home sale, plus all the new pieces that were glazed this week.  This vase was a favorite.  There were also 3 Happy Birthday plates that I made at the suggestion from my friend Tori.  I had given her one at the birth of her 6th child and she says that the children love it.  There is a photo of them on my facebook page.

Tomorrow night I will be going to the reception at Mint Hill Arts.  The show this month is "Small Treasures". This show includes art that is affordable for Christmas gifts.  I entered eight pieces in the show.  The show will run until the end of November.  If you happen to be in the area you should stop by and see it.

Saturday I will be at the Carolina Pottery Festival in Shelby.  I really like this show because I have a chance to see some really great pots.

Today was a sad day.  The glaze on this vase ran and stuck to the kiln shelf. This happens to me quite often with this glaze and I would give it up iif I didn't like to look of it so much.

Next weekend I go to the Seagrove Pottery Festival.  Early in the week I will post a photo of the piece I will be entering in the Auction.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Handled Bowls

The last few weeks I have been glazing like crazy.  This morning I got the last two handled bowls out and thought it would be cool to photograph them all on my coffee table.  This morning I threw more egg separators and then glazed and loaded the kiln.  Tomorrow morning I will get the last load done for this coming weekend. 

I will be at the Carolina Pottery Festival at the Fairgrounds in Shelby, NC. on Saturday.  This is a great pottery festival with lots of unique pottery.

Check out my facebook page for photos of other pieces that have come out of the kiln recently.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Platters with Imprints

Tomorrow is my Studio Sale.  Everything is set up and ready.  All I have left to do is bake some cookies, warm the brie, make the cider and put out the balloons and signs. 

Yesterday my work was interupted by a flood from our shower.  There was a break in our sewer line that had filled up with either mud or tree roots.  We were doing laundry and it backed up very quickly.

The rectangular platter was one of my attempts at hand building.  I really like the dragonfly imprints.  Hopefully this week I can make some more like it with different shapes and imprints.  I need to get a slab roller soon, since now I am using a rolling pin to roll out the slab.

I have also been working on adding new textures to my pieces.  These leaves were made by using a drawer knob as a stamp.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double Rimmed Bowl

It has been a busy week, setting up for my home show, throwing, glazing and firing.  Today I experimented with a double rim on my bowls.  This was my favorite one.  Later today I will unload the kiln and reload.  Earlier in the week I made some nice vases (see my facebook page for a photo).

Tomorrow I will glaze the platter I am making for the Seagrove Pottery Festival Auction.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Studio Sale

You Are Invited
2nd Annual Fall Studio Sale

November 6, 2010   -   1-5 pm

Stop by and see my new work &
save up to 50% at the seconds table

Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas Made in the South

Today was the first day at Christmas Made in the South.  It was a good day.  What was really nice was that I had visits from previous customers.  Nothing is more satisfying as hearing that someone enjoyed a piece so much that the had to come back to see me about getting something else.

Tomorrow my husband will be dropping off the order to Blackhawk Hardware for me.  To see a photo of the pieces, check out my facebook page. 

I knew that this Fall would be busy, but I wasn't really anticipating orders.  I am glad that I stocked up on bisque ware.  Next week I will get back to throwing.  My Fall Studio Sale is in 2 weeks and from then on I will be going to a show every weekend thru the second week in December.  Whew, I don't think I was thinking when I applied for all these shows.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I like Red

Today I set up for the Christmas Made in the South, then I went to the Ruby's Gift Gallery in NoDa to set up a case full of pottery.  Ruby's is a new gallery, filled with local artists.  I think that it has alot of potential.  NoDa is a Historic Arts District here in Charlotte.

Later I unloaded the kiln and these are a couple of the pieces I really liked. A number of pieces are in the red and black glaze.  I will take them with me tomorrow to the show.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunrise Trays

A few weeks back I got some forms and have been experimenting with hand built trays.  These two trays were done in the same form with the same glaze, but I tried different textures.  I look forward doing some more hand building.

This has been a very busy couple weeks.  I have glazed almost every day.  Today I unloaded the kiln again and reloaded. Then I packed up for Christmas Made in the South which I set up for tomorrow morning.  In the last few weeks I have gotten 2 separate orders.  One was from Blackhawk Hardware (I know what your thinking, and I am not sure how they will sell there either)  The other is from the Rubies Gift Gallery in NoDa.  I have to go there after setting up for the Christmas show tomorrow, to set up my area in the Gallery.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bright Colors

This week I have been glazing like crazy.  I still have 2 more loads to do.  The handled bowl in the photo has red and blue glaze, which I do not usually do.  The Chip and Dip is something fairly new.  I will  have 3 for the show next week.  This one, one in the Dragonfly glaze and one in the Twighlight glaze. 

Today I put a bisque load in the kiln.  In it there are some new rectangular  trays.  I hope to glaze some next week.  Mostly it is full of small items that I have been trying to catch up on all week.

I also threw 18 egg separators.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunrise glazing

Last Saturday I had a booth at the Carolina Claymatters Barn Sale.  The weather was great and we had a great turn out.  I always enjoy this show because I know most of the potters in the Guild.

 The next week and a half I will be glazing for the Christmas Made in the South show in Concord.  Today I started with the Sunrise series.  This glaze is sprayed on.  The yellow is sprayed first and and red is sprayed on as accent color.  Tomorrow I will do the Fiesta Line.  I will also be throwing lots of spoon rests, egg separators and tea rests.  I have been selling more than I anticipated, so any that I made this summer are either all gone or almost gone.  After that show, I will have 3 weeks to get stocked up for the 5 shows in a row. I will not have much time for anything but glazing between shows.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dragonfly Kiln Load

Unloaded the kiln today and these were some of my favorite pieces.  Last weekend at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival the Dragonfly line was very popular, so most of this load had dragonfly's. I am getting ready for the Carolina Claymatters Barn Sale this coming Saturday, here in Charlotte.

I also made some vases and platters today.  You can see the vases on my facebook page.  You might want to "like" New Day Pottery, so that you get updates of what I am doing.  I try not to have my blog and facebook page be the same.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Dragonfly Designs

A few weeks ago I picked up some forms & stamps from Vicki Gill.  She was cleaning out some of her inventory to make space.  Here are three of the pieces I made today.  Mostly I just want to see if they will make it thru to glazing without warping.  I still need to add the beading along the rim.

One of the tips Vicki had, was to fill socks lined with plastic bags with sand, and lay down on the platter during drying.  My mom helped me fill the socks. It is not a one person job.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brushy Mountain Apple Festival

This week I have been relaxing.  I did do an easy glaze load, but the rest of the week I just hung out with my Mom.  This weekend is the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival, so I will need to pack up tomorrow night.  We leave here at 4:30 in the morning Saturday. UGH.

Last week I went to Vicki Gill's Studio and purchased some new forms from her.  Next week I plan on playing around with hand building.  It might be nice to have some square forms for a change. 

I did want to remind everyone that if you have a piece of mine, take a snapshop of it being used, either with food in it or displayed on a shelf.  Don't be shy. You can win a new piece.  Check out the side bar for details.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Festival in the Park Booth

 Yesterday was our first day at Festival in the Park.  We started setting up around 10 am and finished at 3 pm.  Then we rested and ate some Gyros for dinner.  The Festival officially opened at 6pm and there were alot of Festival goers.  In this photo you can see my booth along with a few of my neighbors.  There are hundreds of booths around the lake.  My mom made the two flags/signs you see here.  She did a great job.  My Mom is here to help me until the end of November with my shows.  You can see a photo of her if you visit my Facebook page.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kiln Load Full of Large Vases

This morning I undloaded a glaze load and pulled out a few nice vases that I need to photograph properly.  The three extra large vases I made a while back were dry enough to bisque fire so I reloaded with a bisque load.  I didn't want any of the large vases to get broken by someone accidently bumping up against in the studio.

Later, I went to the Claymatters Guild Annual Picnic.  We had great food and conversation.  It's always great to meet with other potters and share ideas.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Time

For fun, today I made a teapot. As well as a creamer & sugar and two chip and dips.  Not a very productive day but I had fun.  My shelves are pretty full of stock and my fall show season starts next week. It is going to very hard to motivate myself to keep throwing pots.  But I have to, because once the shows start, it's hard to do much except glaze in between weekend shows.

My mom arrives in a week to help out and keep me company at my shows.  I have been redecorating the guest room in preparation.  The theme is black and white with red accents.  Its awsome, if I do say so myself.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Footed Vase

Today I made pieces inspired by the pieces Sylvia Coppola made at the class on Saturday.  The top photo is my attemped pieces and the bottom two photos are Sylvias examples.  The main thing I wanted to learn from her class is to "mess up" my pots a little.  So many of my pieces have smooth surfaces.  The pot on the left was dropped after I cut it off the bat, but I was able to rescue it.

I wanted to remind everyone that I have a facebook tab located on the right side of the page.  If you "like" New Day Pottery, you will get updates about current events right on your facebook page.  Also, next week I will be sending out my Fall Newsletter.  If you would like to be on my email list please send your email to jabdelaziz@carolina.rr.com.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking it to the next level

Spent today taking a class from Sylvia Coppola at Mint Hill Arts.  The class was called "Throwing Better Pots - Taking it to the next Level".  I feel that I need to let go more and do more altering to my pots.  Sylvia does alot of texture by carving, stamping, etc. and altering of shape after it is thrown. 

In the photo, Sylvia is making a tripod footed vase.  She is scoring the bottom of the vase in preparation of forming the three feet.  Check back later this week to see my attempt on making this vase, as well as a few other items I plan on trying.

At our lunch break I took a look at the new location for the Mint Hill Art Gallery.  It was recently moved next door and has a bigger space as well as looking so much more elegant.  I hope to exihibit again there soon.  But I am so busy in the fall.  Hopefully I can enter into the Juried Competition in December.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lobed Jar

Unloaded the rest of the kiln this morning and this is one of my favorite pieces.  I don't really know if it has a purpose but I like the shape and think it would look good on display.  This morning I also glazed and reloaded the kiln.  There are some pieces in there that I am excited to see because I tried something new with the glazing. 

I am gearing up for the fall show season.  Right now I am committed to doing 10 shows, including my Annual Fall Studio Sale.  I was so excited yesterday when I received the postcards for it in the mail.  They turned out great.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chip & Dip

A while back I threw this chip and dip.  I finally decided what color to glaze it and here it is.  I may make some more of these.  My concern was that the weight of the bowl would cause either separation or warpage.  Neither happened.  This piece was at the top of the kiln load so I pulled it out.  I am leaving for an evening out with friends and tomorrow I will finished unloading, so check back for more and better photos of my favorite pieces.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glazing Redwood & Moss

Today I glazed the Redwood & Moss line.  This glaze is dipped and poured on.  Many of my glazes I spray on for even distribution, but this glaze turns out very flat when sprayed on.  This is my most annoying glaze, because if it is too thin it is a flat brown, and if it is too thick it runs onto the kiln shelf and ruins the piece. It is also very messy and does not clean up easily. I keep using it because when it turns out right, it is my favorite glaze.  I even have a canister set, cookie jar, cereal bowls and appetizer dishes of my own in this glaze. To see more photos of todays glazing, check out the "In the Studio" page.  All this week I will be glazing, so check back for photos of finished pots..

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday I played around with etching on these two small vases.  I think that if I pick the right glazing technique they could look really good.  I need to think on it. The bisque load is going now and tomorrow I will start glazing.  It will probaly take 3 or 4 days & 5 or 6 loads to finish.  At times like this I wish I had a larger kiln.  I decided to go ahead with glazing because my bisque shelves were overflowing.  Afterwards I will price and pack everything and won't have to think about my first show until a few days before.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Extra Large Vases

Today I made these xlarge vases.  Each takes two pots put together to make one vase.  I really like making these, but there is not as much demand for them as there is for functional pieces.  I don't really need them in inventory, but it takes about 3 weeks for them to completely dry.  The only thing I have ever had explode in my kiln has been one of these large vases, because I didn't let it dry well enough.  I always make 3 so that they can fill up one half kiln shelf.  I like to fill my kiln to the top and this way doesn't leave too much empty space.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mom, I need you to drive me....

Lately I have felt like nothing I have done has been very inspired.  Partly that is due to my goal of stocking up my popular items for the fall shows.  Today I set out to do the items on my list, but these two vases just came out.  I especially like the handles.  I still have about 4 more weeks of throwing before I start glazing, so there won't be any finished product for a while.  Sometime this week I plan on making 3 or 4 extra large vases.  They are alot of fun but more difficult to make since I make the body in two pieces. 

My Mom booked her plane ticket from Montana for mid September.  She is coming here to NC to help me with my fall shows.  At some of my shows I increased my booth size so that we would be more comfortable.  A 10x10 booth is small for two people.  I am sure that my husband is happy that he doesn't have to help me with the 9+ shows I will be doing.

Last week my oldest went back to college and my youngest starts back as a sophmore in high school this coming Wednesday, so it will be much quieter at home.  It will be great to not hear "I am bored" or "Mom, I need you to drive me.."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lobed Jars & Teapots

Today I made 4 of these lobed jars, this teapot, a cookie jar and 2 handled bowls. I also loaded the kiln with a bisque load. I was in the studio from 9-4, which is a long day for me.  I am gearing up for fall and am about 1/3 of the way done stocking up my inventory. Yesterday I worked on my blog.  I changed some of the pages and added a "Pots in use" page.  If you have any of my pots and would like to send me a photo of them being used, that would be great.  I love seeing my pots in "action".  I also added some more information on the For Sale page, with a list of some of my regular pieces I usually have in inventory.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cracker Tray

Today I am getting the pieces ready for the Carolina Claymatters Guild Display at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.  The display is changed out every 6 months and these are the two pieces I am sending in for consideration.  The quilt under it is a table runner my Mom made for my dining room.

The last couple of days I have been working on cracker trays.  I have included a group of photos showing the process.  Although the trays seem very simple, they actually take much more time than you would think.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Detail Work

Today I finished up my berry bowls (below) and did some slip trailing(above).  I would like to load the kiln for a bisque load soon, but I need to get some more stilts and shelves.  I find that I don't always have enough of either to fill the kiln completely.  I also have a shelf that is cracking and could break at any time.  I could probably load the kiln 3 times with what I have so far.  The last few weeks I have been working with a schedule to fill up on stock for the fall.  It is very hard to motivate myself when I do not have immediate need for something. 

I got my acceptance letter for the Festival in the Park.  That will be my first show this fall and I am looking forward to it.  Hope it doesn't rain as much (or at all) as it did last time. Lately I have been working on our guild blog http://www.carolinaclaymatters.blogspot.com/ It has been alot of work but I think that the site is looking really good, maybe even better than my own site.

Monday, July 26, 2010

South County Regional Library

Today I set up a few pieces of my pottery in a display case at the South County Regional Library in Charlotte.  Our guild was asked to display a few pieces in the case for the next month.  My pieces are the ones one the bottom shelf and the pitcher on the right on the middle shelf. 

This past weekend I had a booth at the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville, NC.  It was very hot, mid 90's, and humid. Met a lot of very nice people.  This festival is very large with lots of music and art.  If you are thinking of visiting Asheville in the summer, this is a great time to go.

I will be heading back out later to ship some custom orders that were finished last week. Starting tomorrow, I will be stocking up for my fall shows which begin at the end of September.

Another project I will be working on will be getting our guild website completely finished. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tyler White - Sizzling Summer Party

Tomorrow night some of my pieces will be featured at the Tyler White Gallery in Greensboro at their Sizzling Summer Party. The receptions is from 6-8. Regretfully, I will be unable to attend, as I will be at the Bele Chere Festival.

 I unloaded the kiln and the photo above are three pieces I finished and will be taking up to Bele Chere. The Twilight line does not photograph well, and looks better in person, but you get the drift. I also had three separate custom orders that I finished and will be busy packing and shipping them next week.  There were also a number of cracker dishes, since that was my big seller last weekend and I needed to restock.

As you can see I have added a facebook badge to my blog.  I encourage anyone that wants updates on Facebook to "like" New Day Pottery.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Handles

Made some more vases today.  I had a fun time putting on the handles and adding details. Vases are my favorite things to make.  I also made some handled platters and bowls.  Earlier I unloaded a glaze load and reloaded the kiln with a bisque load. The platter below was a nice piece from today's load.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Over 100 degrees out today.  Good thing I started early and finished before it hit 90 degrees.  I threw these pieces and altered them early today, and went out tonight to put on the handles.  I would have waited until morning but I didn't want them to dry to much.  I haven't been able to do quite as much the last few days due to the heat in my studio.  It is supposed to cool down after today, but not by much.  I would have started the bisque kiln, but didn't want to warm the place even more before tomorrows work.  I will probably start it after I finish tomorrow.  I have the Great American Pottery Festival next weekend to get ready for and the Bele Chere Festival the following weekend in Asheville.  I will need to do a few glaze loads this week to be ready.  I just loaded up a batch of pottery for an exhibit at the Tyler White Gallery in Greensoboro.  I will deliver them this weekend.  The show is not until later in the month. I am sending so many of my nice vases that I decided to make some today.  I will probably make some more tomorrow.  As much as I feel that I should be starting to stock up for the fall,  it seems that I am always running out of something.  This week it is the lobed pitchers & medium vases.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red Teapot

Have accomplished quite a bit today.  I threw 18 pots, trimmed them and unloaded the kiln. All before 1:30. Then I photographed the best pieces for the blog and photographed the sets I am considering for a show in Greensoboro, mid July.  I also need to respond to some emails relating to business. The teapot above is done in a glaze combination that I am trying out.  The pieces below are some favorites that came out of the kiln today.  I decided that since the whole family is out doing there own thing today that I would work.  Monday we are having a family reunion for my husbands side of the family and I won't be able to work then.  I have been a bit of a slacker lately due to the heat but today it was pretty pleasant out.