Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glazing Redwood & Moss

Today I glazed the Redwood & Moss line.  This glaze is dipped and poured on.  Many of my glazes I spray on for even distribution, but this glaze turns out very flat when sprayed on.  This is my most annoying glaze, because if it is too thin it is a flat brown, and if it is too thick it runs onto the kiln shelf and ruins the piece. It is also very messy and does not clean up easily. I keep using it because when it turns out right, it is my favorite glaze.  I even have a canister set, cookie jar, cereal bowls and appetizer dishes of my own in this glaze. To see more photos of todays glazing, check out the "In the Studio" page.  All this week I will be glazing, so check back for photos of finished pots..

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