Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mom, I need you to drive me....

Lately I have felt like nothing I have done has been very inspired.  Partly that is due to my goal of stocking up my popular items for the fall shows.  Today I set out to do the items on my list, but these two vases just came out.  I especially like the handles.  I still have about 4 more weeks of throwing before I start glazing, so there won't be any finished product for a while.  Sometime this week I plan on making 3 or 4 extra large vases.  They are alot of fun but more difficult to make since I make the body in two pieces. 

My Mom booked her plane ticket from Montana for mid September.  She is coming here to NC to help me with my fall shows.  At some of my shows I increased my booth size so that we would be more comfortable.  A 10x10 booth is small for two people.  I am sure that my husband is happy that he doesn't have to help me with the 9+ shows I will be doing.

Last week my oldest went back to college and my youngest starts back as a sophmore in high school this coming Wednesday, so it will be much quieter at home.  It will be great to not hear "I am bored" or "Mom, I need you to drive me.."

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