Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Space

Recently my sons moved out and I have my house back.  We have been working the last few months painting, putting in carpet, decorating bathrooms, and throwing away 10 years of crap.

The most exciting move is that my photography room/ shipping room /etsy pottery overflow room has been moved closer to the stairs and is much more organized, even though it's a bit smaller.
You can see in the photos three views of the room.  The top view shows my light box with props

The photo to the right shows some of the overflow pieces (many pieces are in my dining room showroom).  The pieces sitting on the table have either expired on Etsy and need to be relisted or for some reason were overlooked at some point and need to be added.
The last photo shows my desk with the weighing machine, computer and more overflow shelving. What you can't see are the many boxes and paper in the closet hidden away. (yipee)  Also, the bubble wrap is stored under the desk.  The shelves are partly empty right now but in the next few weeks I will start adding more pieces to my shop right up until Christmas.

I expect that this room may end up just as messy as the previous room but I actually hope not.

Someday maybe this will all be in my studio so that I do not have to travel from garage through house to the upstairs in order to photograph new pieces, especially those that go to shows or galleries and are not Etsy pieces stored until sold.  I also have to carry boxes and shipping materials down to the garage when I have gallery orders with many pieces.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gallery orders, Pain, and new shipping space

Lately I haven't had much to say because mostly I have been filling orders for galleries.  In the last month 9 more galleries have started to carry my pottery.  That's a good thing.

I am not sure if it's related but I have had severe headaches, neck tension and shoulder pain.  I have been going to physical therapy and hope the exercises can help.

On November 7th I will go to my last show this year.  The Carolina Pottery Festival is a great place to pick up some great North Carolina pottery.

In August my two sons moved out.  One across town and the other to college.  Next week I will finally get the upstairs new carpet.  We painted a few weeks ago.  I am most excited about moving and rearranging my Etsy shipping and photo studio.  Maybe there will be photos once it's finished.

I have been making mixing bowl sets lately.  They are fun because they have to be made exactly right to fit into each other.  There is satisfaction it having them turn out.

I will be back in the studio in the morning and working through the weekend. I am working on three orders this week that want their pieces ASAP.  My husband is having a guys golf weekend at our cabin so I am at home and don't have anything better to do.  Next week I will be dealing with the carpet installers and putting everything in it's place, while the pieces dry for bisque firing.