Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Craftsmen Classic

Last weekend was the Seagrove Pottery Festival.  Here is a photo of about a third of the pots up for Auction.  Mine is number 61.  I wanted it to stand out from the rest and I think it did.  The festival was great.  Lots of pottery lovers during the weekend and had great weather.

The last three days I have been stocking up for this weekend. I will be at the Craftsmen Classic in Greensboro.  Follow the link for discount entry coupon. This is a great show to find gifts for friends and family.  Or even for yourself.

I would like to encourage everyone that has a piece of mine, to enter the photo contest.  So far no one has  entered and I really would love to see some photos of you enjoying your pots. 

Also, please "like" New Day Pottery on Facebook.  That way you can get updates on what I am doing & see photos of new work (I actually post more photos there)

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