Sunday, February 23, 2014

Large Vase

Gorgeous weather today, around 70 degrees.  I decided that it was time to make a large vase so last night while watching the Olympics I sketched then cut out a template for these vases.  My plan was to make 3 of the smaller ones so that I could have 2 for my mantle but after cutting out the slabs for these two I decided I better stop and I am glad I did.  It took all day to make these and I was tired when I finished.

Yesterday I had an interview at a gallery here in Charlotte and will hopefully find out soon.  I will give details if it happens.  Then I went to get clay and glaze ingredients.  Hopefully I will get a test load in the next few weeks.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Weather for making new pots

Beautiful Day out today.  It has finally warmed up to my favorite temperatures for working in the studio. Sixty four today and 70 the next few days.  Sadly it will slowly drop back down into the forties by next week.

This is my first day working with a brown clay.  I had decided that perhaps the texture would show up better using a darker clay.  Time will only tell whether I like working with it.  It seemed like the pieces were not joining as well but perhaps the slabs were too dry.  The two large pieces on the left were completely new forms and the two on the right have shapes used before but new textures, handles and openings on top.

Tomorrow I will make pieces that include a wheel thrown base (teapots, fruit bowls and vases).  I will probably run out of clay by next week and will make a trip to the supply store for clay and glaze materials.  There are some new colors that I would like to make and test soon.

Soon, I will be getting some work done on our hard wood floors and I am going to update my kitchen/living rm area.  There will be new paint, curtains and a sofa.  Plus as I have mentioned before new pottery for my kitchen.  I will try to post before and after photos.  Also, I will be taking two -week long vacations in March and April.  All this while trying to get enough inventory for two shows and possible new galleries by mid May.  Oh and lets not forget Mother's Day sales on my online shop.  It's all easily done as long as the weather does not revert back to "yuck"  This is the coldest winter I have seen here in Charlotte in the last 8 years since I have been doing pottery full time.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heart Dishes and Yarn Bowls

I've been busy the last week.  This morning I was trying to think of what to make and I thought about Valentines Day and how nesting bowls would be nice.  So I planned on making simple bowls but when I had thrown the first bowl I decided that it was too simple.  So,  I made a split and ruffled rim giving it a lacey look.  These won't be done for Valentines Day but I think they still make a nice gift for a wedding, birthday or Mother's Day.

It was a bit too cold today for working.  It was in the forties and my space heater wasn't quite doing it.  Luckly all I was making were 9 heart dishes and 2 pear bowls so I finished in about an hour, then went out for about 15 minutes later in the day to finish.
Yesterday I worked on yarn bowls.  I make each one different and this time I like how they turned out.  Hopefully most will make it through the bisquing and firing process without breaking or warping too much

Yesterday I also got word that I have been accepted into the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival in Crozet Virginia on May 10th and 11th.  This means that I will not be participating in the CCM Pottery Festival this Spring.  I will be having a Christmas in July Sale at my studio in July for anyone local that would like to come out and see what I have new this year.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Salt Cellars, Garlic Keepers and Sugar Jars

Today I made this shape into three different sizes for different uses.  The small jars are salt cellars, the medium like the front piece will be garlic keepers and the large size will be a sugar jar.  I believe that the medium could be big enough for most people but my husband is a big tea drinker and wanted a larger sugar jar.

This week I have been working on using up my recycled white clay so that I can start using brown clay.  So far I have made brie bakers and wine bottle rests.  Tomorrow will be cold again but Wednesday may be warm again.  Yarn bowls, berry bowls and perhaps new plates for myself.  I didn't realize how much recycled clay I had.  This project will probably take 2-3 weeks assuming I can work 3-4 days in the week.  After that I need to start working on more decorative slab built pieces for my shows.

I have applied for a number of new shows this year.  Some of them in North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.  When I get notified I will be sure to post it here as well as on the show page.