Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Vases and a teapot fresh out of the kiln

Unloaded the kiln today and here are my favorites. Then loaded the last bisque load before Christmas, then Monday and Tuesday I will glaze for this weekends show.  Wednesday I set up for the Craftsmen Classic in Greensboro. \

Thursday I host around 20 people for Thanksgiving.  Luckily we do potluck so I don't have to make as much, but being the person I am I will make way too much anyway.  I plan on making turkey, scalloped potatoes, modified Waldorf salad, rolls and dessert.  Others are bringing green bean casserole, pasta casserole, meatballs, another side dish and more dessert.  Unconventional menu but should be good regardless.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the show and Monday I will start adding tons of items to my online shop.  I have been trying to add new pieces daily this past week.  Just now I added a new hanging wall vase that just came out of the kiln.  **Remember- I am giving away a free gift (valued at $8) with every purchase in November**

Monday, November 11, 2013

Teapots and vases

I am a little bit insane for doing this but I am trying to get into two shows last minute.  The Craftsman Classic in Greensboro over Thanksgiving weekend is pretty much going to happen and I am first on the wait list for the Savannah Christmas in the South.   This means that I am not done making new things for this Holiday Season.

Today I made these three items and another teapot not shown.  I got new stamps last week and used them some.  My hope is that the teapot actually makes it this time.  Third times a charm? Right?
This weekend I will be at the Carolina Pottery Festival in Shelby NC.  This is always a great show with great selection from over 100 potters.

Last weekend I was in Macon for a Christmas Made in the South show.  The photo to the right is of my booth set up.  Now I can apply to art shows for next year.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Explosion in the kiln and a free gift

Wellllll....  It didn't work.  This is the piece that I decided to put directly into the glaze fire without first bisque firing.  The base blew up in the kiln and messed up the platter under it.  Luckily it didn't hit the mugs right next to it, since they were a custom order.  I think this might work on thinner, less complicated pieces.  Besides the base exploding, the bowl cracked along the seam.  It's pretty sad since this piece takes quite a bit of time to make, but I had to try.

This past weekend I finished packing up for the show this coming weekend in Macon, GA.  This is the earliest I have ever been ready for a show.  Usually I am working right up to the day before.  So I am taking the next few days for me.

I got up early this morning and went to a strength training class.  Boy am I out of shape.  I usually do a cardio class on Friday, but my arm muscles are sadly lacking.  I do want to try this class again.  Last spring I lost 25 pounds with Weight Watchers.  In June I had my son's graduation and the trip to England.  Since then I have plateaued.  In March I am going on a trip with my mom, sister, niece and nephew.  So we have decided to have a contest for whichever team looses the most by March.  Hopefully this will push me to work a little harder at counting my points and working out.  I hope to loose 10-20 more pounds.

By the way,  with every purchase from my online shop in November, you will receive a free gift valued at $8.  So get your holiday shopping done early and get a present for yourself.