Sunday, October 28, 2012

Location Change for Carolina Pottery Festival

The location for the Carolina Pottery Festival has changed.  Instead of being at the Fairgrounds it will now be held at the Cleveland County Mall.  Read all about it HERE,  I just hope everyone hears of the change and will come down to the Mall to check out the best of Carolina Pottery.

Last week I took a little time to "smell the roses".  My mom and I went up to our cabin near Chimney Rock. We spent time gazing at the beautiful scenery, shopping, and chillin'.

This coming week I will be throwing and glazing for the Carolina Pottery Festival Nov 10th and the Seagrove Pottery Festival on November 17-18th.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas Made in the South - Ready, Set, Go

Today I go set up the the Christmas Made in the South show.  It usually takes around 5 hours to set up.  The good thing is that they have porters there with large carts to help bring it all it.  That saves my back a bit. Hopefully I go home lighter.

Yesterday I unloaded the kiln and this vase was a favorite.  On the neck I used the rounded top of a lag screw to make intentions.  I got the idea from the Joy Tanner workshop.  She used the octagon shaped bolts  to make texture on her pots.

After the show on Monday I will throw like crazy for a few days, then I am taking my mom up to the mountains and our cabin for a visit.  When I get back I will glaze like crazy for the Carolina Pottery Show in Shelby and the Seagrove Pottery show the next week.  I also need to get pieces ready for the month long show at Kings Mtn.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Teapot on Fire

Today I unloaded the kiln and here is my favorite piece.  I have been working on my teapot design and I like how it came together in this piece.  It makes me think of fire, with the glaze color and the flame like knob on the lid.  I will be taking this piece and many others to the Carolina Claymatters Fall Festival this weekend.  It looks like a pleasant day at 66 degrees and sunny.

My goal for next year is to try to get into some new shows.  I have been doing the same shows for the past few years and am ready for a change.  There are still decisions to be made on whether I want to upgrade my booth. I wonder sometimes how much it matters in getting into shows and selling more pieces.  This photo may be one that gets sent out on applications.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dinnerware sets

Just got back from the Brushy Mtn Apple Festival.  There were tons of people, saw some old friends and met some new.  Tomorrow I will need to make some more earring holders since they seemed to be selling well.

I few weeks ago I finished this dinnerware set for eight.  A five piece place setting is $95, and pieces can be purchased individually.  Other glaze combinations can be ordered.  Wedding Registry is also available.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally ready

Finally packed up and ready for three weekends in a row of art or pottery shows.  The photo on the left was the last glaze load to come out and I thought it looked especially colorful.

This Saturday I will at the Brushy Mtn Apple Festival in North Wilkesboro.  The weather forecast looks good so I expect that the crowds will be good.  My mom will be keeping me company during my fall shows.

Today I started an order for Mountain Nest in Black Mountain. Tomorrow I plan on making the piece for the Seagrove Pottery Festival's Auction plus some more teapots and other fun items.