Monday, August 2, 2010

Detail Work

Today I finished up my berry bowls (below) and did some slip trailing(above).  I would like to load the kiln for a bisque load soon, but I need to get some more stilts and shelves.  I find that I don't always have enough of either to fill the kiln completely.  I also have a shelf that is cracking and could break at any time.  I could probably load the kiln 3 times with what I have so far.  The last few weeks I have been working with a schedule to fill up on stock for the fall.  It is very hard to motivate myself when I do not have immediate need for something. 

I got my acceptance letter for the Festival in the Park.  That will be my first show this fall and I am looking forward to it.  Hope it doesn't rain as much (or at all) as it did last time. Lately I have been working on our guild blog It has been alot of work but I think that the site is looking really good, maybe even better than my own site.

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