Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking it to the next level

Spent today taking a class from Sylvia Coppola at Mint Hill Arts.  The class was called "Throwing Better Pots - Taking it to the next Level".  I feel that I need to let go more and do more altering to my pots.  Sylvia does alot of texture by carving, stamping, etc. and altering of shape after it is thrown. 

In the photo, Sylvia is making a tripod footed vase.  She is scoring the bottom of the vase in preparation of forming the three feet.  Check back later this week to see my attempt on making this vase, as well as a few other items I plan on trying.

At our lunch break I took a look at the new location for the Mint Hill Art Gallery.  It was recently moved next door and has a bigger space as well as looking so much more elegant.  I hope to exihibit again there soon.  But I am so busy in the fall.  Hopefully I can enter into the Juried Competition in December.

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