Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Puzzle Pitcher and Mugs

Back in the studio.  I have not thrown any pots in over a month.  In January I started full force making pieces for my Spring shows.  Once I started doing the shows, I realized that I really didn't need as much as I thought, so I have only been glazing pieces as needed. 

Today I made a puzzle/joke pitcher and mugs.  For the pitcher, the liquid is poured in the top and it runs down the handle into the bottom of the pitcher.  The neck has holes in it.  For the mug, the liquid is sucked through the hole in the top which has a hollow rim and the liquied comes through the handle into the rim.  My biggest challenge was making hollow handles.  I can't wait to see if they actually work the way they are supposed to.

This past weekend we went up to Asheville for a short vacation.  I came back with some inspiration for some new pieces..  In the next few weeks/months I plan to do some experimenting.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Joara Pottery Festival

Today I had a booth at the Joara Pottery Festival.  It was a warm, sunny day.  My booth was out in the pavilion, in the sun, but there was a nice breeze all day to cool it down.

I had to take a photo of the booth with my new register stand that my husband made a few weeks ago.  It has worked out well at the last few shows I have done.  Instead of using a table to hold the paper roll, it can be held on a shelf, leaving the top clean.  My mom had made the sign last year as a flag to fly on my tent, but it works really well attached to my stand.

There is only one more show left for the Spring.  The Piedmont Pottery Festival in Eden will be the last show until October.  Unless I hear of something promissing before then.  I am also thinking of having a clearance show at my studio possibly in September.  To get an invitation to the sale or get my newsletter, send me your email address to be included in my mailing list.  You can also sign up on Facebook to get updates on what I am doing in the studio.

In a few weeks I will be back in the studio, making new pieces for sale in the fall.  Check back for periodic updates on what is happening.

Monday, May 16, 2011

All Arts Market

This week I will be at two different shows.  First on Thursday & Friday evenings from 6-10pm, I will be at the All Arts Market NoDa Neighborhood Theatre.  I will be at booth #206. It looks like a fun & funky art show. See the website for more information.

On Saturday I will be at the Joara Pottery Festival in Morganton from 10-4.  I just decided to ad this show this past week. Check out this website for info.

I am sure that I will be very tired by Saturday evening, but I just had to check out these two shows.

Last Saturday was the Claymatters Barnsale.  We had some rain, but it didn't seem to slow anyone down.  Thanks to everyone that came out even with the bad weather. There is a photo of my booth on my facebook page.

Today I did some glazing.  I also fired the pieces to cone 6 just to see what would happen. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Carolina Claymatters Spring Barn Sale

Tomorrow is our guilds semi-annual Barn Sale.  I enjoy this sale because I know so many of the potters and we get a chance to visit with each other. All week online it has said that it was supposed to rain every day this week, but it has only rained at night.  I am hoping that the weather holds out.  Check out the website or Facebook page to see what other potters are bringing to the sale.

The bud vase to the left makes a great teachers gift.  I will have a few on hand in different colors and sizes at the sale. 

The last few weeks I have been taking it easy, but I signed up for a few more shows, so on Monday I will probably be back in the studio.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Vases & Pitchers

The last few weeks I have been taking it easy.  I felt that I had enough pieces made to last through the Spring show season.  A few glaze loads have been done and these tall pots came out of the last group.  I was hoping that at least one could be entered into the Summer Juried Competition at Mint Hill Arts.  Maybe I am too close to the pieces, because I can't say that any are worthy of a competition.  May 14th I will have a booth at the Claymatters Guild Barn Sale.  Some of these vases will be there for sale.  Then on May 19 & 20th from 6-10pm I will have a table set up at the NoDa All Arts Market.  These will be my last local shows until the fall.