Sunday, April 24, 2011

British Slipware Workshop

Yesterday I spent the day in Shelby at the British Slipware Workshop.  Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew gave a great demonstration on tradional English Slipware.  Doug made large Pitchers using a blow torch to speed up the drying.  Then he decorated his pots with slip and fast, simple decorating.  Hannah made a variety of items, then used different colored slips to make more intricate designs on her pots. They colaborated on a puzzle jug.  Which you can see Hannah decorating (below).  The puzzle is how to drink out of the jug without spilling.  There are holes on the neck of the jug.  I plan on making a puzzle jug or mug later this week.

While I was having a great time learning great new techniques and having lunch & dinner with potter friends, my wonderful husband was making me a register table for my booth.  He finished building it today and I stained it black.  It looks fabulous. Tomorrow I will put on another coat.  Tomorrow I also need to glaze my order for Preston Flowers.  The order will go with me up to Sanford this weekend for delivery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Start of Spring Show Season and Other Stuff

This week I have been throwing pots for an order from Preston Flowers.  I needed some more lobed pitchers and large bowls.  Monday I will probably do one last glaze load for Greensboro. Next weekend (April 15-17) is my first show of the year. This will be the third year for the NC Pottery Festival in Greensboro.  There will be some new pieces, including the vases pictured here.  Some new products that will be available are dessert cups & wine bottle rests. 

There has been a new page added  (Photo Archive) to the blog.  This page has some of my favorite pieces over the last 3 years.  I think that it  is interesting to see the changes over the years.

Be sure and check out the vase on the right side of the blog and see how to register to win it.  I have also sent out my Spring Newsletter.  See it here and send me an email (jabdelaziz at carolina dot rr dot com) if you want to receive it every Spring & Fall.