Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Double Rim Bowl

Yesterday I set out to make medium bowls.  I wanted to do a number with a double rim but I tend to make thin rims from the get go and can't split the rim.  So, needless to say I only had one with the double rim and scallops.  I really like this look, so maybe later this week I will try again.  This past week I have just been working on filling basic stock items.  I made mugs one day and I think that perhaps they are too big.  I couldn't remember what amount of clay I used the last time.

Tomorrow I work my one day a month at Rubys Gift.  I haven't been in there in a while and I am told that the whole store was revamped and I am excited to see how it looks.  Some of my mugs will be added to the inventory then.

This Saturday I will have a booth at the Piedmont Pottery Festival, at the Museum of York County.  I look forward to the start of my busy season. It is hard to decide what to make when you haven't had a show for awhile.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Piedmont Pottery Festival

I had my End of Summer Sale this past weekend.  I only had a few people stop by, so I don't think I will be having any more Home Shows in the forseeable future.                   I spent today boxing up the new pieces on display for the Piedmont Pottery Festival coming up in less than two weeks.  They have added a second site at the Museum of York County for Contemporary potters and that is where I will be. I will be curious to see how the addition of non-traditional potters will be received.      This show will be the start of three Saturdays in a row with shows.  On October 1st I will be at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival.  That show is so much fun (apple pies) and very busy, the day goes fast.  Then our Guild puts on the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival the next Saturday.  It's fun because I get to see all my pottery friends.      To see a complete list of this years show, check out the show page. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorite Vase

Today I unloaded the kiln.  This was my favorite piece.  I really liked how the glaze ran through the basket weave texture. There were a number of other great pieces in this batch.  This glaze load was the last before my End of Summer Studio Sale on September 10th and 11th.  There will be a lot of new pieces for preview, as well as older items at 30-50% off.         A few days ago I sent out my fall newsletter.  See it here.