Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Blue Vase

I have finally finished packing up my home sale, plus all the new pieces that were glazed this week.  This vase was a favorite.  There were also 3 Happy Birthday plates that I made at the suggestion from my friend Tori.  I had given her one at the birth of her 6th child and she says that the children love it.  There is a photo of them on my facebook page.

Tomorrow night I will be going to the reception at Mint Hill Arts.  The show this month is "Small Treasures". This show includes art that is affordable for Christmas gifts.  I entered eight pieces in the show.  The show will run until the end of November.  If you happen to be in the area you should stop by and see it.

Saturday I will be at the Carolina Pottery Festival in Shelby.  I really like this show because I have a chance to see some really great pots.

Today was a sad day.  The glaze on this vase ran and stuck to the kiln shelf. This happens to me quite often with this glaze and I would give it up iif I didn't like to look of it so much.

Next weekend I go to the Seagrove Pottery Festival.  Early in the week I will post a photo of the piece I will be entering in the Auction.

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