Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Using bolts for texture

Today I got a chance to use some of the ideas I got at the Joy Tanner workshop on Sunday.  I have felt that my pots need more texture and I have been working on that lately.  Joy used a bolt on one of her bowls, so I decided to grab some bolts and screws from our tool box. All except the pitcher have texture with different bolts or screws.

I really liked how the pitcher turned out. Can't wait until it's glazed.

I did mash up a vase that was hideous. Joy made carving look easy.  Not so.

The rest of the day I made egg separators.  Tomorrow I will glaze.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Joy Tanner workshop

Sunday I attended our guilds free summer workshop.  Our presenter this year was Joy Tanner.  I have admired her pottery for years by stalking her pottery blog.  In the photo to the left you can see Joy and the ewer I just had to have.

I was especially interested in her information about her residency at the EnergyXchange.

To see more about the workshop check out our guilds website which I am the administrator.

Tomorrow I will be back in the studio stocking up for fall shows and I plan on trying a few of the techniques learned from Joy.  I will also be glazing some more items in the Sunrise line, which I am bringing back by popular demand.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Purple Glaze

Boy has it been warm in the studio this week.  I have been working on a large order for a wine bar that will be opening in September.  They will be serving the appetizers with my plates and bowls.  I am so excited.

Today I started out early glazing some pieces for Ruby's gift in NoDa and for Etsy.  I also wanted to test out the purple glaze I mixed up.  I like to use egg separators and heart dishes to try out different combinations. I did go a little overboard and put some on a few other pieces.  Hopefully they will look like I envisioned.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vases and a teapot

Lately I have had a number of surprise orders from new gift shops so I had cleaned out my existing inventory and need more, especially smaller (under $35) items.  So I have been in the studio making brie bakers, berry bowls, yarn bowls, earring holders, egg separators, french butter dishes, bowls, pedestals, cupcake holders (for Mountain view gift shop), etc.  Today I decided that I really needed to feed my creative soul and made a few decorative items.  I focused on simple vase forms with texture and a teapot.  I took my time and even had to redo the lid, but in the end I was happy with how it turned out.  I would have made more items but had an appointment at 1 that ended my day in the studio.  Now it is hot out there. 

The Earth and Fire Festival in Kings Mountain will be ending on July 27th, so if you haven't been by to see all the beautiful pottery, there is still time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Christmas in July Clearance Sale

Yesterday was a busy day outside the studio.  First I drove to Albemarle and dropped off some more inventory for the Falling Rivers Gallery. I also entered a pot in the summer art explosion that is a juried event going on for the next month.  Next I went back to Charlotte and dropped off my carpet shampooer for repair,  picked up clay, then dropped off pots at a new shop.  FABO is a coffee shop/gift shop.  The owner found my shop on Etsy an asked to carry my work.  Its a great little place in Myers Park. 

Last I dropped off two packages at the post office.  Sales from Etsy have been picking up since February when I really put some effort into it.  This month is the Christmas in July event and I am adding new clearance items often.  Today I added this vase/utensil holder.  All the items in the clearance section are one of a kind and will never be made again.  Shop early for Christmas and get great pottery for great prices.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Gallery order

Unloaded the kiln last Thursday night and here is the order for Ocean Annies in Duck.  I was able to fit all the pieces plus the 6 mugs for Mountain Nest in Black Mtn.  This finishes up my current work load.  My plan is to start stocking up for the Fall show Season which starts in October.  During the summer I will throw as many pots as I can, filling up my bisque shelves, then in September I will glaze like crazy.  This plan my not start this week until the temperatures go back down.  Today it was over 104F and I do not have air conditioning in my studio.

During the next month I plan on adding some pieces that were left over from the spring shows to the Etsy site for sell. Other potters have told me that it is best to have over 100 but I haven't been able to manage it yet.  I am over 80 right now.

Something that I will be working on this summer is a better display.  I would like to get some Pro Panels but would like to buy them used.  I have a few notices out on the web but if anyone has a set they are selling, please email me.