Thursday, October 27, 2011

Utensil Holder

About a month ago I was asked to make a utensil holder for a customer via Etsy.  She had purchased the matching bowl earlier in the Spring at a show. Here is the finished piece.

Today I made 6 more yarn bowls.  I had decided not to make any more of these due to the fact that I was breaking about 50% during the greenware stage.  Last weekend at the Christmas Made in the South there was a customer that changed my mind.  She indicated that her knitting friends would love to have a yarn bowl.  So I tried again.  This time I cleaned up the sharp edges right after making the cuts, rather than sanding after it's dry. Hopefully this does the trick.

This week I realized that I should have worked a little harder at filling up my bisque shelves.  I find that I don't know which pieces to throw for the next few shows.  Quite a few items are depleted.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Large Pots

Today I decided to make a few more large pieces. All three are made with a separate body and neck piece.  This allows me to make bigger pieces than I can throw in one.  The piece in the middle I have made before and sold recently at the Claymatters Festival.  The one on the left is a new shape for me.  The one on the right has a similar shape to one I have made before but the handles are different.  They will need to dry for a few weeks.  I hope they can be ready for my next show which is the Carolina Pottery Festival in Shelby on November 12th.

This week will be a big push in throwing what I need for the rest of the season.   Next week will be a glaze session for my next 2 shows plus the Art for Christmas Exhibition for December at the Depot in Kings Mountain.  I also need to decide what piece should be my entry for the Seagrove Pottery Festival Auction.

Monday, October 17, 2011

200th post

Last night I came back from the mountains and glazed.  Here is a photo of the finished load.  Earlier today I glazed again and reloaded it again tonight.  This will go on for two more days. 

Next week I need to get back to throwing.  My bisque shelves are emptying out really fast this week and in 3 weeks I have multiple shows and exhibitions to be ready for.

On Thursday I set up for the Christmas Made in the South in Concord, NC.  It usually takes about 5 hours, because I do it by myself and there are walls and lights.  I hope my cell phone works in the building so that I can except credit cards.  Last year I had a manual system and this year I have the Square.  It has worked great so far, but if I am remembering right, cell phones have trouble in that building.

In a few days I will photograph my favorite pieces, so look out for photos on Facebook.

This is my 200th post.  I have slowed down in recent months because I feel that for the most part I have said it all.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival

Tomorrow I have a booth at the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival.  This show is put on by members of the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Guild, which I am president this year.  I also involved myself in the festival committee and I am the website coordinator.  We have done a number of things different this year (changed it to a festival, updated the postcard, got mentioned in the Culture Guide, more online mentions, etc)  Hopefully we see an increase in foot traffic.  The day is supposed to be clear and 77 degrees.

Today I will be taking some more pots to Mint Hill Arts.  Two pieces will go in the upcoming show "You Art what you Eat".  The rest will go in the gift shop.  The reception for this show will be October 14th, from 7-9. I wish I could go because they are having some culinary students from Johnston & Wales preparing food. Yum.

I want to remind everyone that I now have a showroom that is open by appointment.  So, if you need a last minute gift and live near Charlotte, give me a call and perhaps we can find you the perfect gift.  If you are out of the area, call or email me about what you need and I will ship it to you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Booth Photo

Last weekend I had a booth at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival.  I always like this show because there are so many people that appreciate art.  Plus the fried apple pies are awsome. It was chilly this year and I was glad that I brought my winter coat. I needed a new booth photo so I put up all three walls and took a few photos.  I couldn't mess around tweeking it because at 8 am there are already tons of people on the streets .  My husband is behind the booth holding the back down.  Next year I plan on applying for a number of new shows.

This week I have been glazing for the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival coming up this weekend.  I was involved in the committee this year.  My role was mainly the online listings.  Hopefully the word is out and we will see a bunch of pottery lovers again this year.