Monday, March 26, 2012


Today was mug day.  I know that some potters make 50-100 in a day, but I am not super fond of making mugs.  Probably because I don't drink any hot drinks and I just don't get the love of mugs.  But, there are people that want my mugs, so I made 12 today.  I tried to make each mug different, mostly by making the handles different.  Later I will add some beading on a few of them.

Our guild does a Festival twice a year and I do the online PR.  This week I started adding the Festival to event calendars and sending our press release to medai outlets.  It is fairly time consuming and boring, so I do 3-4 per day.  I also worked on the website and Facebook page.  Daily I post a photo and short blurb about potters that will be participating in the Festival, now until the Festival.  If you like to see great pottery, join our Facebook page. The Festival is May 12th.

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