Thursday, March 8, 2012

More inspiration pieces

Yesterday I worked on more pieces inspired by recent workshops I have attended.  The plates to the left are my attempt to facet/etch the rim of a plate. There was one try that didn't work and went in the scrap bucket. 
Bill VanGilder made this plate (right) using a streatched spring and using an up and down and side to side motion.  My first attempt (upper right) I only did the up and down.  The third try (upper left) was better.  His plate looked better than mine.  I imagine that he has had a lot of practice. 
                 I tryed the two casserole dishes Bill made.  The first one was made by throwing a round casserole dish and cutting out two slices (see left) then squishing the sides until the slice closing up.  This makes a rectangular shaped dish. (upper right). The other dish (upper left) you throw a round dish with a inch wide rim, then you cut away most of the rim, leaving two handles.  Sides are flattened for oval.
At the North Carolina Potters Conference Jake Johnson had these condiment dishes on display in the gallery(right).  He didn't show how he made them, but I liked the concept and made my version (below). I started with three but one didn't make it to completion. After this photo was taken I pushed the center up to hug the dishes more.  I may make some spoons later.
Check back for more inspiration pieces.  I have more ideas.  Some of the pieces are more complex and will take more time.

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