Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Extra Large Vases

Today I decided to make extra large pieces.  They need 3-4 weeks to dry before they can go into the bisque load, so I thought that I needed to get them done so I can have them for sure by the Sanford Pottery Festival.  These pots require two pieces being attached together to make a large pot that I couldn't do in one throw.  I have shown how I do this before but figured that it has been awhile.  First I throw the two pieces.  Then after they are both leather hard, I score and slip the two adjoining pieces.  I place the pieces together and with hand on the inside and outside, I press the clay from the top pieces down and over the bottom piece with my thumbs.  Then I use my metal rib to smooth the outside surface.  My hands usually ache after doing these vases.   You can see below the three pots I made today using that technique.  The pot on the right has hand built feet and the one on the left has a split rim.  I also made 2 pitchers.

I  realized last week that I needed to in gear and start making lots more pots.  So, over the weekend I made brie bakers, berry bowls, cake plates and pedastals.  These are items I can make large quantities, quickly.  But I did make half of them with split rims which I think makes them look more elegant. 

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jbf said...

Very nice. I like the little extra decoration you add to your handles too.