Tuesday, April 3, 2012

History of pottery

On another blog I follow there was a post today on the history of pottery. Check it out here.  It is amazing how long humans have been making pots out of clay.

Today I made cracker trays, yesterday bowls and brie bakers, boring stuff really.  Tomorrow I plan on glazing as long as the weather is good.  Be sure to check back here and on the Facebook page for photos of new work possibly Friday.  Next week will be a bigger push to glaze so many more photos of finished pots to come soon. I'm getting ready for two shows coming up soon.  May 5-6 is the Sanford Pottery Festival and May 12th is the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival.  Because of my decision to change my look, I need to glaze alot more pieces than usual.  A bunch of the pots from last fall that were left after my last show in December are now on Etsy for sale.

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