Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sugar and creamer sets

Today I made some sugar and creamer sets.  I changed them up a bit from my usual.  First they are smaller (I have figured out that in the past I made things for my husbands family, which is huge), second the lid is made differently, third I decided that there is no need for a handle on the creamer since you can quite easily hold it in your hand.  I also made a molded tray using the technique learned at the Potters Conference.     

I have become addicted to making treasuries on Etsy and generally checking out the teams and stats all day long. Here is my latest attempt.  I am hoping that eventually this will help with sales, but right now I feel like it's a big waste of my time.  Lately I hadn't been featured in many treasuries and was getting a little sad but today I finally was featured in a few. Check them out. Here, Here and Here.  Feel free to comment and favorite if you like.

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