Monday, February 3, 2014

Salt Cellars, Garlic Keepers and Sugar Jars

Today I made this shape into three different sizes for different uses.  The small jars are salt cellars, the medium like the front piece will be garlic keepers and the large size will be a sugar jar.  I believe that the medium could be big enough for most people but my husband is a big tea drinker and wanted a larger sugar jar.

This week I have been working on using up my recycled white clay so that I can start using brown clay.  So far I have made brie bakers and wine bottle rests.  Tomorrow will be cold again but Wednesday may be warm again.  Yarn bowls, berry bowls and perhaps new plates for myself.  I didn't realize how much recycled clay I had.  This project will probably take 2-3 weeks assuming I can work 3-4 days in the week.  After that I need to start working on more decorative slab built pieces for my shows.

I have applied for a number of new shows this year.  Some of them in North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.  When I get notified I will be sure to post it here as well as on the show page.

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