Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Canisters and a Cookie Jar

In the last few weeks I have been able to get out to the studio only a few days a week.  When the temps are over 50 I work but colder than that I don't.  There is a space heater but I just can't get much enthusiasm to work in the cold.  There are no pressing commitments so I will not force the issue unless the cold stays here more than a month longer.

The last few weeks I started working on pieces for my kitchen.  The top photo is of items for my new tea/coffee caddy. The tall piece is for the caramel flavoring my son likes in his coffee.  The hummingbird piece is for the tea bags.  The small piece is for sweet and low.  Notice that I used my new stamps. I already had a sugar jar that's bisqued and I also made a caddy to hold it all.
The next photo is of my new cookie jar.  I made scenes of a bluebird with flowers and leaves on alternating sides.  The handle on the top is a twisted branch with leaves.

The bottom photo is of my canister set.  Of course this is my first time making lids for square containers so hopefully they fire well.  I also made a salt and pepper set and still need to make a utensil holder but I may decide on that latter.

I would like to use up my white clay in the next month and switch to brown clay.  I think that the color showing through would look good with all the texture in my new work.  There is a bunch of scrap clay that I need to re-wedge and I will probably make a bunch of small items to fill the kiln so that I can test some new glazes.
There are plenty of items for sale on my online shop but I need to make some more yarn bowls. Also I should work on mugs.  Every other potter makes tons of them and I just have never enjoyed it, but maybe if I forced myself to do it, I would get better at it.  I think I will make large mugs for my son's who have been drinking coffee like crazy lately. And there are never enough of the large mugs.


CharanCreations said...

Wow! Those canisters and cookie jar look awesome just as the rest of your creations!
Best Wishes!!
Charan (

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thanks. Love your stamps and will be back to shop.