Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Weather for making new pots

Beautiful Day out today.  It has finally warmed up to my favorite temperatures for working in the studio. Sixty four today and 70 the next few days.  Sadly it will slowly drop back down into the forties by next week.

This is my first day working with a brown clay.  I had decided that perhaps the texture would show up better using a darker clay.  Time will only tell whether I like working with it.  It seemed like the pieces were not joining as well but perhaps the slabs were too dry.  The two large pieces on the left were completely new forms and the two on the right have shapes used before but new textures, handles and openings on top.

Tomorrow I will make pieces that include a wheel thrown base (teapots, fruit bowls and vases).  I will probably run out of clay by next week and will make a trip to the supply store for clay and glaze materials.  There are some new colors that I would like to make and test soon.

Soon, I will be getting some work done on our hard wood floors and I am going to update my kitchen/living rm area.  There will be new paint, curtains and a sofa.  Plus as I have mentioned before new pottery for my kitchen.  I will try to post before and after photos.  Also, I will be taking two -week long vacations in March and April.  All this while trying to get enough inventory for two shows and possible new galleries by mid May.  Oh and lets not forget Mother's Day sales on my online shop.  It's all easily done as long as the weather does not revert back to "yuck"  This is the coldest winter I have seen here in Charlotte in the last 8 years since I have been doing pottery full time.

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