Monday, June 4, 2012

New Gallery will carry my pottery

This weekend I had a booth at the Black Mountain Arts and Crafts Festival.  The weather was cool with gusts of wind.  One potter lost half their pots in a large gust that lifted the tent causing one side of crates stacked to fall over.  Huge losses.  I was eating lunch while my husband watched the booth.  He called me frantic to get back and help hold the tent down.  By the time I got back the wind had died down.  It kept scaring us all day.

I was excited to get an order from a shop in Black Mountain.  Mountain Nest will be opening at the end of June and will have some of my Dragonfly line, shown on the center rack above.

While driving from our cabin in Bat Cave to the show on Sunday we saw a bunch of turkey's.  This is the only photo I got and I wasn't fast enough to get the turkey on this side of the fence.  She had 4 babies with her and they flew away when we stopped.  She just kept walking towards the treeline.

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