Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Nooooo

Last week in two days, I threw more pots than I usually make in 2 weeks.  I was trying to crank out the order for Ocean Annies in Duck, NC.  I only had two days open before the glazing started for the Earth and Fire Festivl in Kings Mountain and the order for the Mountain Nest gift shop in Black Mountain.  I wanted the pieces to be drying while I am glazing the other pieces so that next week I can glaze the order and get them shipped out.

In my hurry to get items bisqued for the Kings Mountain show I rushed the drying on a teapot.  It rained so much last week that things weren't drying quick enough.  So I placed about 6 items out in the sun Thursday to finish drying.  All the other pieces were fine, but the teapot was apparently not completely dry.  I am bummed because I really wanted a teapot in that exhibition.

Today I glaze the items for Mountain Nest.  This morning I already put on the wax resist, which keeps the glaze from sticking to the bottom of the pots.  I have also mixed some of the twilight glaze, which I will be using tomorrow.  Look for photos later this week.

Last week I won the Top Treasury Team Challenge for the week.  So this week everyone makes a treasury featuring my Dragonfly Pie Plate.  It is fun to see all the creative themes and items used in the treasuries.  I will have a hard time choosing which one I like best.  Check out the treasuries here.

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Michèle Hastings said...

sorry about the teapot :-(
we are always rushing things along. when we have marginally dry pots to bisque (which is most times) we load the kiln and keep it under 200 degrees for a few hours the night before firing. Turn it back on in the morning and fire as usual. rarely lose things doing it this way.