Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vases and a plate

Today I unloaded the kiln and here are a few of the pieces.  The vase on the left was thrown a while ago but I just didn't know how to glaze it.  I like how the carving shows up well with the green sprayed on.  The vase on the right I used the spiral stamp I made after seeing it at the Potters Conference.  I stamped the pattern on four sides  The plate features the technique learned at the Claymatters Winter Workshop, with the grooving around the rim. 

I will finish sanding the bottoms, inventory, price and pack up for the 15th Annual Black Mountain Arts and Crafts festival coming up this weekend.  This is a new show for me so I hope it is busy.  We will stay at our cabin in Bat Cave.  I have started looking into shows near there so that we can enjoy the cabin while not having to pay for a hotel.  To see what else we have been doing while at the cabin, check out out cabin blog.

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Michèle Hastings said...

the leaf plate is a beauty!

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thank you Michele.