Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting ready for Claymatters Festival

Well, recovered from the weekend at Sanford.  The weather was bi-polar.  Very hot on Saturday and chilly and windy on Sunday. We realized late on Saturday that my setup was not going to work.  I had mixed all my items but it didn't have any pop.  So I put like colors together and that helped.  Really it should have a grey panels behind but I am not sure that I want to make the investment. 

I only needed a few more pieces for the Claymatters Festival coming this Saturday, so I only glazed one full load.  I wasn't in the mood to haul pots upstairs to photograph, so here is a snapshot of the whole batch.  Tomorrow I will sand bottoms, price and pack.

I am looking forward to the Claymatters Festival.  It is my favorite show to do since it is the guilds show and there are so many talented potters.

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