Sunday, May 20, 2012

Large Pottery pieces

Today I made three tall pots.  These are probably the largest pots I have ever done.  The coffee pot's spout is a little weird.  My favorite is the pitcher on the right.  It has the crosshatch pattern around the neck.  I need these for the Earth and Fire Festival in King's Mountain at the end of June-July.

This week I will throw pots until Friday then load the bisque with any that are dry.  Next week I will glaze for the Black Mountain Arts & Crafts Show.  This will be the first time at this show.  I am hoping for a good turnout.

This week I have added a number of pieces to my Online Shop  A number of items were purchased for Mothers Day and I restocked plus added some new items.


julie cavender said...

Those are awesome pots. Good luck with your up coming shows!

Barbara Rogers said...

I'll look for you at the BM A&C show. I am not yet a show potter. But our community studio is right downtown. The tall pots are great!

Judy Abdelaziz said...

Thanks guys. It was great meeting you Barb on Saturday.