Monday, January 31, 2011

My New Extruder

I am so excited that I finally got my new extruder.  My husband installed it yesterday and this morning I started by making some bud vases.  I am having a hard time thinking up ideas.  I would like to try some salt & pepper shakers, but I need to get the stoppers first.  A few years ago I went to a Hayne Bayless workshop and he does almost all his pieces with the extruder.  I would like to try some mugs, but I need the extension to make larger extrusions.  I would also like to make some funky teapots as well.

I also made a few slab build trays.  It takes me so much longer to make slab items than thrown, so I find that I do not make as much in a day.

 After lunch I loaded the first bisque load of the year.  I will start it in a few days when I am sure that the pieces are fulling dried. 

Tomorrow might be the day I make my own set of dishes.  The weather will be warmer than usual and I have room on my shelves.

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Acácia Azevedo Studio Pottery said...

So many possibilities... I will be here to see all! Good look! :-)