Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preston Flowers Display

There is a new shop that is carrying my pottery.  Preston Flowers is located in Cary, NC.  The photo to the left shows how some of the pieces have been displayed in the shop.  They have done a great job presenting my work.  I love the flower arrangements.

Seeing this display reminded me of my wish to make my own set of Dragonfly dinnerware.  I need to make more effort to do this.  Perhaps in a few weeks when I get the wholesale order out of the way.

This morning I threw vases and pitchers.  Later tonight I will have to finish with handles. I was unable to do as many as I wanted because my hand was getting sore from doing so many tall pieces.  Usually I try to do a mix of big and small items each day to save my wrists, but tomorrow I have to work at Ruby's Gift and I won't be able to finish(trim) pieces tomorrow.  Vases & Pitchers can usually be finished later in the day after they dry a little bit. So, tonight I will be back in the studio working.

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Linda Starr said...

This is a really nice display love the tall shapes with your pottery.