Thursday, January 20, 2011

Small Vases

Day before yesterday I made some small vases.  A few of them are for the order I have been working on.  The others are for inventory.  You can see two pitchers behind them.  I was going to make 2 more, but my hand started to get sore from pulling so many tall items in one day.  Today I was going to make large platters but my metal rib that I use to compress the platters is in the truck, which my husband is driving.  So instead, I made medium serving bowls and cereal bowls.  I was also going to make four desert dish prototypes, but stopped at two after the bat on the fourth flew off the wheel, hitting my knee really hard and landing on the third one.  I could have gotten out more clay and tried again, but my knee really smarted.  I was also anxious to get in the house and try out my new Nook.  My Mom sent it to me for my birthday which is Friday.

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Linda Starr said...

I didn't even know what nook was, had to look it up, hope your knee is ok.