Monday, February 7, 2011

1st Glaze Load of 2011

Yesterday was near 50 degrees and warm enought to glaze.  Today I unloaded the kiln and reloaded with pieces I glazed today.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces.  The Twilight glaze never photographs well so believe me when I say that in person these look so much better.  Most of the load is part of an order for a gallery on the coast that is due by March.  Others (like the vase) are special orders for individual customers that have called me in the last month looking for pieces.  Some have had to wait almost a month for me to do a glaze load.  I would glaze again tomorrow but I need more pieces bisqued before the next batch can be done.  So tomorrow I will be throwing again.  Hopefully I'm in the mood to be creative and will make some fun items like teapots.  I also need to wedge up some reconditioned clay thats been drying out in bags. That clay is used for my brie bakers since they are easy to make and the clay can be fairly wet when throwing.  There are no more brie bakers left on my bisque shelf, so I need to make some more soon. 

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Linda Starr said...

what a great blue you have inthat load and an extruder, you'll have fun with that.