Thursday, January 15, 2015

31 Day challenge - Day 15 - Butter Dishes

Today was day 15 on my 31 day challenge and I decided to make a new design.  I had been thinking about this idea of making a three sided and flared pedestal vase with the garden theme on all three sides.   This is one of the pieces I am considering for a art show in a few months.

The weather is slowly getting warmer but every day starts at around 30 so it just doesn't seem any warmer to me.  This just makes me not very excited about being out there in my unheated garage (except a small space heater)  For the next week it's supposed to be in the 50's (by the end of the day) and on Sunday I will probably glaze.  I don't like my hands to be cold when I'm glazing.

I have also made in the last few days:  butter dishes, platters and a wavy dish.  See these on my Facebook page and all the other pieces for the challenge.

A few days ago I made butter dishes and I took some photos throughout the day.

First I cut out the pieces, textured and dried a bit.  Next I bevel the edges, slip and put together.  Then the handles are added.  The dishes are matched up with a matching tray.

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