Sunday, January 11, 2015

31 Day Challenge - day 11 - making mugs

I am now on day 11 of the 31 day challenge.  This has been a bit of a challenge with the weather.  It's been a bit chilly here.  Today I worked on these mugs and thought I would share some photos of the process.  

If you would like to make your own mugs, I will be teaching a few classes in March at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte.  If you would like information check out the class page HERE
I have been working on an order for a gallery but starting this week I will be making some new designs for some upcoming shows.   Be sure to check out the Facebook Page for daily updates on what's happening during the challenge.

I feel like there should be more to say but all I've been doing is making pottery and reading.  I read a book every 1-2 days lately.  I get my books on my Kindle via the library online.  I couldn't afford to read if I had to pay for every book I read.  At least I don't have to drive 10ish miles to the library like I used to.

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