Thursday, January 1, 2015

31 different items in 31 days challenge - day 1

Today starts my 31 different items in 31 days challenge.   Ciel gallery put out a challenge for members to paint a different painting every day.  Since I don't paint and I can make 31 items in 2 days, I decided to make 31 different items in January.  Today I decided to make a wine bucket. This is a new item.   I am posting photos of my process.

First I smooth my slab and cut out my shape using a newspaper template.  Next using stamps I made, I texturize my slabs.
Then I let the fan dry the slab out a bit so that it can stand up without flopping.  I score and slip the overlay, press the pieces together and put the bottom on the bucket.

That was all I planned but then I thought it needed more so I added a dragonfly at the top, curved the top back and added cutouts for handles,

This is a new item and I can't wait to see it completely finished.
 Check back often to how the challenge is going.  I will post the daily item to my Facebook page.

I had taken most of December away from the studio to recharge and so I was glad to not have any new wholesale orders come in during that time, but funny thing is that today I started back to work and I come back inside to check my mail and there is a new order for a gift shop in New Hampshire.  This is great because it gives me I reason to go out in a cold studio every morning.

Also I have a few custom orders from Etsy that came in during December to work on as well.

A recap for the month of December:

My mom came to visit.  We went to Charleston for a few days, went to the festival of lights and a Holiday dinner Cruise.  Then we came back to Charlotte for a few days, then headed to our cabin near Bat Cave, NC for Christmas.  Watched the Hunger Games movie and now I have started reading the whole series just so that I can know the end of the story and not have to wait for the last movie.  My husband, my mom and I all got the flu for about a week.  Luckily my kids did not get sick.  I had a New Years Eve party with 20 of my friends.  We played a card game called Nerts.  Today I back at work and ready for 2015.


Michèle Hastings said...

Look forward to following along with your 31 new items challenge.
I am from NH, most of my family is still there. What gallery do you have work in?

Judy Abdelaziz said...

This is the first order from them, so I don't have anything there yet but it's called Sweet Peas Garden in North Hampton.

Michèle Hastings said...

Not familiar with it, but that's near the coast... the very short coast of NH... Still lots of tourists. :-)