Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Busy January

Well, I finished the 31 day challenge.  It was a very productive month considering I did not have much that was pressing and it was cold.  I managed to make a different item each day.  Of course in most items there were multiples.   I finished a wholesale order and started my own dinnerware set.  Then there were a number of Custom orders from Etsy.

There are a number of gallery shows I would like to enter into that have deadlines coming up so I have also been making some "art pieces".

Next week I plan on glazing a few loads.  The first will include my dinnerware set since I want to use them for a party on the 14th.  Then I need to finish the orders and the "art pieces"  I was hoping to have my new kiln hooked up but the electrician has not gotten back to me.  So I will have to split into 2-3 loads.
Last weekend I went to the Susan Feagin workshop.  I was hoping to learn a new surface technique that would make my pieces more interesting.  I feel that the class was very informative.  We learned how to make and use silk screen techniques and using slips and underglazes.  My silk screen was made in 15 minutes and is the hummingbird you see on these pieces.  They have not been fired yet so I am not sure exactly what the colors will look like  but it should be a little brighter.

I am very excited to try these techniques in my studio, but my husband told me to slow down and see how these look when finished.  I also have to decide if I need to use white clay or if this would translate on the brown clay.  My problem is that my wholesale line uses the brown clay and the white clay would not be able to be used in a studio with brown clay.

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