Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Booth Photo

Last weekend I had a booth at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival.  I always like this show because there are so many people that appreciate art.  Plus the fried apple pies are awsome. It was chilly this year and I was glad that I brought my winter coat. I needed a new booth photo so I put up all three walls and took a few photos.  I couldn't mess around tweeking it because at 8 am there are already tons of people on the streets .  My husband is behind the booth holding the back down.  Next year I plan on applying for a number of new shows.

This week I have been glazing for the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Festival coming up this weekend.  I was involved in the committee this year.  My role was mainly the online listings.  Hopefully the word is out and we will see a bunch of pottery lovers again this year.

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