Monday, October 17, 2011

200th post

Last night I came back from the mountains and glazed.  Here is a photo of the finished load.  Earlier today I glazed again and reloaded it again tonight.  This will go on for two more days. 

Next week I need to get back to throwing.  My bisque shelves are emptying out really fast this week and in 3 weeks I have multiple shows and exhibitions to be ready for.

On Thursday I set up for the Christmas Made in the South in Concord, NC.  It usually takes about 5 hours, because I do it by myself and there are walls and lights.  I hope my cell phone works in the building so that I can except credit cards.  Last year I had a manual system and this year I have the Square.  It has worked great so far, but if I am remembering right, cell phones have trouble in that building.

In a few days I will photograph my favorite pieces, so look out for photos on Facebook.

This is my 200th post.  I have slowed down in recent months because I feel that for the most part I have said it all.

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