Sunday, February 13, 2011

Triangle Jar

It was warmer out today, so I was determined to try some handbuilding.  This is my first attemp at a lidded jar. When looked at from the top it twists, so I even placed the lide at a twist as well. The feet are stacked triangles.  I will see how it fires and if there are no problems with cracking or separating I will try some more pieces.  Perhaps a teapot or vase.  After the workshop next weekend, I hope to come back with lots of great techniques to try.

This week I will mostly be working on inventory pieces so that I can get caught up for my shows in May.  Then I can concentrate on show pieces.  I would like to apply for my own show at Mint Hill Arts, but I need to make sure I can make enough show pieces in time for a July Exhibition.

Today I unloaded the kiln and photographed some more of my favorite pots.  My best photos have been downloaded on my facebook page.

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