Thursday, April 30, 2015

Slips and Stencils

I've been glazing this week and finally got pictures of some of the pieces.  The new work with slips and stencils are shown here.  I am mostly happy even though I was guessing at what color the slips would be.  So sometimes they were quite different from what I was imagining.   I have now made test tiles so that in the future the colors should be right.  You can see more new pieces on my Facebook page.

Next Saturday I will be at the CCM Pottery Festival in Charlotte.  These pieces and many more will be on display.
Today I sent out my Spring Newsletter.  You can see it HERE.  If you would like to receive mail from me just follow the subscribe button.

Tonight I am going to the ASC Fundraiser at Ciel Gallery.  You can see my piece HERE. and make your bid or check out all categories to see the other pieces in the Auction.

In June I will be teaching two more classes at Ciel.  You can see the details for Hanging Wall Vases  or Pitchers .

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