Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pottery class update and new work

Today I unloaded the kiln and here are a few of my students pieces.  I can't wait for them to see how they turned out.

These 5 classes were my first time teaching and wow: so many lessons learned.  First add time because we never finished in the two hours allotted.  Three and a half was the average time.  Also, boy was I exhausted at the end of each class.

I will probably teach more classes in June or July using the slip technique mentioned below.

Other items in the kiln were the rest of the teapots I am considering for the Teapot exhibition in Florida next month.  The photo to the right are the teapots I have ready.  I put them on Facebook for voting this morning and the votes are all over the place and there is no clear winner so I am letting the head of the show decide.    The rest of the teapots will either go to Ciel gallery next month or to the CCM Pottery Festival on May 9th.
After going to the Susan Feagin workshop a few months ago I have been wanting to apply the techniques to my work.  I finally purchased a few Mason Stains and mixed up my slips.  (more on order)  I also went to Michaels and got a few more stencils.  My test piece came out of the kiln today and it gave me some pointers, like putting two coats of slip so that there are not paint brush marks.  Yesterday I made the pieces on the left and today I made three more pieces.  I hope they turn out because I am not testing.
A month or ago I made this vase and did not calculate the size, so it was too big for my kiln.  Another potter offered to fire it for me.  It's been bisqued and sometime this next week (when it's not raining) I need to go back to glaze it.  I really need to decide what colors I should do it.

At the end of this month there is a fundraiser and preview at Ciel Gallery that I need to pick a silent auction piece (might be one of the teapots)  If you would like to attend on April 30th let me know and I will send you the info.  RSVP by April 15th.   Next months show is Skewing the Masters.  More on that later.

Against my better judgement I have applied for a few shows this year.  I will update my calender as I am notified.

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