Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Kiln - New Orders - New Work

Last fall I got a new/used kiln.  It is a Bailey 10cu ft.  I was so busy in the fall then too lazy in the early winter that it took until about a month ago to get it hooked up to electricity.

My biggest issue was electricians.  The first guy that came out never got back to me, so then about 3 weeks of waiting I called another guy.  His quote was higher than I wanted to pay.  So I called another guy for a quote.  He was even higher.  So I called the second guy and we decided that I would move my kiln closer to the fuse box to lower the price.  The price was good so I decided to go that route.  Well then I had to move my refrigerator to another wall.  This set off a bunch of rearranging in my studio and it's still not perfect because an old desk that I didn't need needs to go, but my son wants it for his apartment when he goes off to college this fall, so it's still in my way but I can see the light.

I number of things going on in the studio this week.  I received a new wholesale order for The Mind Gift Shop in Portland Maine.  Then I got a call from Our State Magazine.  They want to place two of my custom items in there online shop and catalog.  Today I made two butter dishes and two appetizer trays for a sample.  Once they give the OK I will make a large quantity ready for the August issue.

In a few weeks is the CCM Pottery Festival so I have been busy making pieces for the sale.  The bisque load shown in my new kiln is filled with new work and old favorites.  Next week I will glaze at least two loads for the show.  In these loads will include my first pieces done with the colored slips and I am excited to see them finished.

Oh and also my son helped me put out 5 yards of mulch in our flower beds around our house.  It took two afternoons. whew.

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