Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone

Usually I take December away from creating new pieces and concentrate on shipping  packages from my online sales.  As far as sales go, I made the same amount this December but with less items sold.  I suppose this is a good thing since there was a higher profit margin.  There were a few items that I definitely needed to have more on hand.  I should really learn to like making mugs because I noticed that most potters sell a ton of them.  Maybe this year??

Today I received the Christmas gift to myself.  These stamps came from a wood stamp maker in Canada, Charan Creations.  They seem very sturdy so I am pleased with the quality.  I can't wait to start using them.  Hopefully the weather will get better soon.  Since I have no shows until May and plenty of stock for my online shop there is no reason to hurry into a cold studio.

One project that I plan on working on is making pieces for my kitchen.  We plan on remodeling and I will be making canisters, utensil holder, tea caddy, plates, bowls and mugs in the new color.  This will only take a few weeks, then I will get started making new pieces for my inventory.

I have also applied for a few new shows this year and hope that I can get into a few and they are successful. My new plan is to drop shows that encourage crafty or cheap.  My new work doesn't sell well at those shows.  I also need to work on my portfolio and approach some new galleries.  I have recently pulled out of one gift shop and will drop another as soon as I find the time to go get my pieces.  I believe that my new work would do better in higher end galleries or gift shops where art is appreciated.

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Shawna Mayo Barnes said...

I LOVE Charan Creations! I have several of their wooden stamps, and they work quite nicely with my stoneware. I love the way glazes break over the deep textures the stamps are able to create.