Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Place For my Vase

Last night I went to the reception for the Annual Bill and Ann Litaker juried show.  I had entered two items on a whim.  The first piece I chose was the butterfly cruet that had won the Falling Rivers Exhibit during the summer and then I just chose a vase I hadn't sold at the last art show I went to.

Well surprise, surprise I won first place for the vase in the 3D catagory.  I had been informed that I had placed but not what.  It could have been an honorable mention or 1st - 3rd.

By the time they got to my name there were only two prizes left to announce.  First place in 3D or Best in show.  You can bet my heart was beating but alas no best in show and I knew that that vase could not possibly be "best in show" but you never know how a judge will go.  The winner was a young man that I am told just graduated from art school.  He had already won for two other painting so it wasn't a surprise really.  He is very talented.

The judge had these comments on my piece:  "Accomplished technical construction skill is evident in this piece.  What makes it special is the artist's elegant exploration of texture & pattern and the relationship of surface design to the playful vessel style."

The exhibit will run through December at Mint Hill Arts.  It's worth a look if you are in the area.