Thursday, August 1, 2013

Village Art & Craft Fair

A few days ago I got a call asking if I would like to the Village Art and Craft Fair in Asheville.  I had applied the last few years and did not get in, but they needed a fill in for a last minute cancellation.  So I said OK but then I had to figure out where to get enough product.  Now I suppose I could have just closed my Etsy shop and taken what I had, but then my display would be a mish, mosh of last years leftovers and a few new pieces.  So I decided to raid two of the consignment shops I recently put new work into and I glazed a load with the best bisqued pieces I had available.  Altogether I think I have good enough pieces for a show of this caliber.  Too bad my 5 very favorite pieces are out at competitions.  Tomorrow morning I will unload the kiln, clean up, price and pack in boxes, then load the truck.  My friend Lynda will be helping me out and we will be staying in our cabin near Bat Cave, NC.  I couldn't afford this show if I had to pay hotel costs as well.

Monday I really need to get into serious work mode.  Hopefully I will sell out this weekend. LOL. Then I will need to refill the gift shops plus get ready for the 4-5 shows I will do this fall.  I also have a few orders to fill in the next few weeks.

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