Monday, May 20, 2013


This month I am doing a re-organization of my inventory.  I will be consolidating my different lines and putting them in different gift shops and galleries.  For example, gallery 1 will display all my blue and brown dragonfly line, Gallery 2 the green mist, etc. I am hoping that having a consolidated look will be more appealing to buyers.

I will also be bringing a batch of new work to the Falling Rivers Gallery in Albemarle and to the Earth and Fire show in Kings Mtn.  Then at the beginning of July a new shop will open in Matthews that will carry some work as well.  This will also hopefully refresh my online sales because I will be bringing new pieces back from the gift shops and adding some to the Etsy shop.

Eventually I would like to have only my new work everywhere, but I do need to sell my older work before then.  There are some quality pieces that were made just a few months ago.  So if you see something in my Etsy shop, now is the time to grab it because any day it may be gone.

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