Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun new pieces

Today I worked on these new pieces.  I actually did them from start to finish in one day, usually I roll out slabs and texturize them, let them dry over night, then build them the next day.  Now that the weather is 80+ degrees out the slabs were getting dry enough to work with by the time I rolled out the last batch.  My back is hurting but I am glad to get it all done in one day.  Tomorrow I will work on olive oil bottles.  Then on Wednesday I plan to glaze.

This is my last full week of work before getting too busy for work for awhile.  I also have to fit in this week shoveling mulch, next Monday I shampoo carpets and heavy clean, Tuesday my mom arrives, Wednesday I drop work at Falling Rivers in Albemarle and shop for groceries, Thursday I host Bunko at my house, Friday work, Saturday my sons high school graduation, Sunday my sons graduation party, Monday work, Tuesday take new work to new gallery in Matthews, head to the cabin with mom,  Saturday work on shed at cabin with hubby (which has been taking forever because of rain), Monday mom heads home, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday work, Friday shut down Esty shop and get pots ready for Earth and Fire Festival, Saturday workshop then drop of pieces for Earth and Fire, Sunday off to England for 10 days.  Whew. TMI?

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