Monday, May 13, 2013

New Booth Display

This weekend I had a booth at the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Festival.  This was the first time using my new display and I learned a few things.  First was that I need to make some hanging items.  I had intended to have some ready for this show but I just ran out of time.  The curtains were hung so that I could take a booth photo for applications for new shows I would like to enter. They became a problem when the wind started to blow, knocked over the pitcher in the corner and had to be taken down.  Hopefully this one will be good enough for now because I don't plan on doing any more shows until the fall besides the Earth & Fire Pottery show in Kings Mtn.  There I will be using a table or my old shelves and it's not a full set up anyway.

Also, I learned which items needed to have a higher quantity on hand. Plus, I was surprised to learn that the periwinkle blue draws attention.  I did not expect that and had only made a few items in that color. The new work seemed to be received well and I am excited to move forward.

Today I cut and stamped some slabs that I will finish assembling tomorrow.  I started with pieces I hope to enter into a few competitions I will be entering in June and July.  There are probably enough pieces for the Earth and Fire Festival but I would also like to bring a bunch of the new work over to the Falling Rivers Gallery early next month.  Then I need to stock up for the Fall shows.  The new work takes way longer so I do need to keep at it.

Today I also sent in my application for the Atalaya show in Huntington Beach, near Myrtle Beach.  I had stopped by there last year and thought that it looked like a high quality show.  Hope the weather works out.  Could be really hot or hurricanes, since it's in September.