Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Today was a very exhausting day for my oldest son and I.  First we packed up the 155 plates for the restaurant order. You can see them stacked on the far side of the studio.

Next we cleaned the studio.  I wish I had taken a before photo so that you can understand how much cleaner it is.  There were boxes and bubble wrap that I had been collecting from neighbors over the last few months.  The boxes to cut up and place between every two plates for extra protection.  Usually my son parks his car on the far side but the last month I had taken it over to glazing.
I decided to empty the table that usually holds all the full boxes of pottery and booth display items and use it for the slab roller.  For the last few month I have been using it on the glaze table and removing it when I needed to glaze.  I placed the (now empty) boxes, etc. on the floor in front of the shelving units.

You can see that my wedging table is still a mess but my body just couldn't handle wedging.  During the last month working on the plates I just kept stacking bags of clay scraps aside.  You can't see it but there is also a stack in front of the wheel on the floor.
The glaze tables over the last year had gotten stacked with miscellaneous items (flawed pottery, parts for the extruder, and other junk)

We finished up by wiping down and mopping the whole studio.  My husband came home tonight and asked if I went out of business. LOL

Tomorrow I will start filling up my green ware carts again.  I would like to show my new work at the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Festival on May 11th.

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